We adjust the machines to the minimum requirements in accordance with the Tool Directive 2009/104/EC,

  • We carry out the procedure of assessing the conformity of machines with the essential requirements in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC;
  • We carry out risk analysis of machines in accordance with the PN EN ISO 12100 norm;
  • We conduct a Machine Safety Audit, during which we check the correctness of the applied security measures, the documentation we have, and evaluate machines for compliance with harmonized norms;
  • Certification of any machine, new or modernized;
  • Certification of machines imported from outside the EU;
  • We prepare the required documentation for machines;
  • We issue a certificate of conformity which is the basis for issuing the EC Declaration of Conformity by the machine manufacturer.

Machine Directive - 2006/42/WE

Machine Directive sets out the minimum health and safety requirements for machinery placed on the market or put into service after 2004.           

Use of Work Equipment Directive - 2009/104/WE

The directive concerning health and safety requirements for the use of work equipment by workers at work. It is also applied a basis for adaptation of machines manufactured before 2004 to the minimum requirements.


Low Voltage Directive - 2014/35/UE

The Directive ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits is designed and manufactured in accordance with safety requirements and provides a high level of protection for people, animals and property.                        


RoHS Compliance - 2011/65/UE

Directive on requirements for restricted use of certain substances that can be found in electronic and electrical equipment that may have adverse effects on the environment. It aims to reduce the amount of hazardous substances that enter the environment from electrical and electronic waste.             


Implementation of Lock-out Tag-out Procedures

LOTO procedures set out general requirements for controlling hazardous energy during service or maintenance of machines or equipment. The procedure referes to safe shut-offs (isolation), lockout and tagging of machines. 

Certification of Robot Cells

Industrial robots are becoming more and more widely used in our industry. this is why we can audit projects or finished machines in order to confirm their compliance with the guidelines regarding robots and robot cells.  

Designing Machine Safety Systems

Safety system design is an important part of our activity. We are there to share our knowledge and experience with you and design safety systems for your machines that will meet the latest standards. 


Authorised representative within EU

Entities from non-EU member states must meet all the requirements of the relevant directives and obtain CE marking for their products to be legally sold within EU. We are ready to become your European Authorised Representative and adapt your machines to the requirements of the directives.                        

Calculating Safe Mounting Distances for Safeguards

Safe mounting distances for safeguards are calculated in order to ensure that safeguards mounted on the machine are capable of stopping all hazardous movements of the machine before contacting human body. The minimum safety distance is most often calculated for light curtains and laser scanners.             

Verification of Declarations of Conformity for Free

Declaration of conformity is a document confirming the compliance of a product with the relevant directive or directives. the product must meet certain requirements that we can verify for free.