Belt oil separator

The belt oil separator by Teknomatik has been designed to quickly remove oily substances contaminating operating fluids. This device is installed immediately above the tank.


  • The device is to be installed on tanks, machining centre tubs and washers.
  • It removes foreign oils contained in emulsions and coolants;
  • Reclaimed oils can be collected into separate barrels.


  • Belt resistant to oil and dirt;
  • Long lifetime and easy to clean. Made of 304 grade stainless steel;
  • Clean coolant will increase its own life and the life of machining tools, provide optimised conditions and improve the operators’ work environment.

Machine Design

The device is built of an external part, immersed elements and a belt.


  • The working element of the device is a polyethylene (oil-proof) belt.
  • The external part is installed over the tank.  It consists of a drive, control cabinet, drive roller and buckets;
  • The part immersed in oil is built of a roller which maintains proper tension and leads the belt;
  • The electric control enables the equipment to operate safely. According to the mandatory standards, the machine has a safety switch and electric protections.

Upon the client’s request, we can deliver a deoiler with an infinitely variable inverter-based rotation control.