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Opening hours:
7:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday
Closed Saturday to Sunday.
Jasienica 829
43-385 Jasienica

Unloading and Storage Facility

The facility is used to centrally feed the production machines, using liquids supplied in IBC pallet containers. For example, it can supply such substances as polyols and isocyanates to a polyurethane foaming machine.


  • Unloading of liquids from pallet containers;
  • Storage in proper conditions;
  • Transfer to production machines, batching.


  • Reduction of warehousing area thanks to the central storage of chemicals used for production;
  • Release of the production area through the elimination of IBC containers situated next to the machines;
  • Reduction of the in-house transport costs;
  • Elimination of hazards caused by leakages of chemicals (including the ones hazardous to the environment);
  • Elimination of hazards to personnel that result from the contact with substances while replacing IBC containers;
  • No downtime in the operation of machines when restocking materials.

Machine Design

  • • The operator’s platform enables the discharge system to be easily connected to the IBC tank by means of cam-lock quick connectors;
  • Seats for IBC containers equipped with special spring-loaded inclined ramps for emptying the IBC pallet containers;
  • The intermediary tanks have a standard capacity of 1500 l and they are made of plastic or steel;
  • The ultrasound level gauges or immersion gauges measure the level inside the tank;
  • Drip tubs with a capacity of 120% of the intermediary tanks;
  • Depending on the pumped agent, we used screw pumps, gear pumps and diaphragm pumps, pumps with mechanical sealants or hermetic pumps with a magnetic coupling;
  • Mesh filters for filtering the pumped fluid and aeration filters (with moisture absorbers) are used to level the pressure in the intermediary tanks;
  • The manual valves with the pneumatic solenoid are selected on an individual basis depending on the applied pressure and the pumped agent;
  • Manometers, vacuum meters or pressure switches deliver information about the on-going underpressure or overpressure in the system.

The stirrer is equipped with an infinitely variable speed control and is particularly recommended for liquids which get divided into layers.

The entire machine and communication with other devices is controlled by means of the Siemens S7-1200 controller. It is possible to install a different type of the control system.

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