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Stationary Mixer

The stationary mixer is a perfect solution for products where liquids must be mixed before use to obtain a homogeneous consistency, especially in case of liquids which tend to get divided into layers.
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Turbine Stirrer:

  • Device for mixing liquids with viscosity up to 10,000 mPa*s;
  • Device for mixing liquids with viscosity up to 10,000 mPa*s;
  • The system consists of an unfolded stirrer and a vertical transmission shaft set in the worm transmission sleeve;
  • Rotor with an external diameter of the blades of approx. 350 mm and a shaft made of the 316L grade acid-proof steel;
  • The rotor equipped with a set of automatically unfolded blades inclined approx. at an angle of 45° which ensure axial and radial flow of liquids inside the tank;
  • The device does not include the stirrer tank but will be adapted to the dimensions of the IBC tank with a dia 150 mm or larger hole;
  • Automatically unfolded mixer.

Load-Bearing Frame + Lifting System:

  • The load bearing frame of the machine is made of the S235 structural steel, powder paint in a RAL colour selected by the ordering party;
  • The machine is equipped with a mechanical system lifting an arm linked to the turbine stirrer;
  • The lifting mechanism employs a system of a trapezoidal bolt and a set of linear guides;
  • A three-phase gear motor IP54 is used to drive the system;
  • A clutchless system with a limit of the maximum upper and lower position of the stirrer;
  • Additionally, the mixer has a drip tub or a hood.


  • The system is equipped with a control cabinet installed on the machine for control purposes;
  • Functional buttons: Start, Stop, Reset, Safety Switch;
  • Up/Down stirrer lifting system control;
  • Potentiometer for infinitely variable control of the stirrer rotational speed; the speed is adjustable within the range from 140 to 330 rpm;
  • Timer for programming the stirrer deactivation time;
  • Power supply: 400 VAC.

Modele mieszalników

Mieszalnik stacjonarny

Możliwe dodatki za dopłatą:

  • Skrzynka elektryczna montowana poza strefą
  • Składany wirnik, montowany w połowie wału
  • Mieszadło z przeznaczeniem do artykułów spożywczych (+olej w przekładni mieszadła)

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