Intended use of device

The machine is used to untwist and straighten electric cables (twisted pairs) with diameters from 0.35 mm2 up to 6 mm2


Construction of device

Untwisting unit

The worm gear with motor is equipped with a driver for untwisting electrical cables;

Straightening unit

It consists of a geared motor, which causes reciprocating movement of the jaws by means of a roller, while the pressure is realised by a pneumatic cylinder; 


Setting the directions of cable untwisting, selecting the machine operation mode. Adjustable straightening time.


Steel construction, powder coated.


Functional description

The electric cables are unwound by placing and holding the cable in the driver. 

Straightening consists in clamping the movable jaws on the ends of the cable, which causes their unravelling.


The machine control allows operation in the following modes:

- Mode I - unwinding cables - only the drive for unwinding cables is activated. The actuation of the control pedal does not activate additional drives.  

- Mode II - alternate operation - the drive of the driver for unscrewing the cables is activated. After untwisting the cable end, the operator starts the straightening module.

- Mode III - cable straightening - the driver for unwisting is disabled. The jaws move in a reciprocating motion continuously and are extended. Once the cable is positioned between the jaws, the operator presses the control pedal, bringing the upper jaw closer to the lower jaw. Adjustable straightening time.



  • Untwisting and straightening the cables with diameters from 0.35 mm2 up to 6 mm2;
  • Shorter time of the entire operation;
  • More easy attachment of plugs on straightened cables.