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Jasienica 829
43-385 Jasienica

Machine Design

Teknomatik designs machines for small and large enterprises as well as for individual customers.

We offer professional solutions to the problems that our customers cope with in the production, starting from the computer aided design of machinery through selection and complementation of suppliers, construction and start-up of machines, ending up with personnel training.

The machines built to our designs meet the key requirements set forth for the machinery. They are functional and user-friendly.

In case of old systems designed according to the minimum machine requirements, we carry out the safety assessment and make a checklist in accordance with the Tool Directive 2009/104/EC.


  • Design and deliver machines and equipment adapted to their principal intended uses;
  • Develop design and mechanical documentation;
  • Design and retrofit hydraulic, pneumatic and electric control systems;
  • Produce technical documentation based on sketches and drawings;
  • Develop the operation and maintenance manual, operation instructions and part catalogues;
  • We inventory and modify existing documentation;
  • We issue CE for every device meeting the minimum machinery requirements;
  • We adapt old machines for them to meet the minimum machinery requirements.

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