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Industrial Automation

We prepare and implement complete systems using a wide range of PLC controllers and industrial automation equipment. We develop full visualisations of industrial processes to enable control operations, changes to be implemented, parameters to be verified and data to be archived.


  • Design automation, control and measurement systems;
  • Install control and measurement instruments and automation systems in all kinds of industrial facilities;
  • Deliver complete sets of equipment, instruments and assembly accessories;
  • Prefabricate power and control cabinets;
  • Provide configuration and software for control and surveillance systems;
  • Perform functional test runs and start-ups;
  • Service and maintain industrial automation equipment;
  • Deliver additional equipment and devices to make the production line complete;
  • Provide consulting services related to our business
It is really hard to imagine a factory which lacks production rooms and computer networks supervising each stage of the production process. Complicated systems including machines, computer programmes and central control systems are developed by engineers whose primary objective is to optimise production efficiency and costs. Today the industrial automation plays a very important function in any sector of the industry. More and more advantages related to its use become present in areas where automated devices were not used at all not so long ago.

Industrial automation mainly ensures increased productivity which is the key objective in the industry. The mass production concept sets a requirement to manufacture a large number of products in the shortest possible time and every minute of downtime brings financial losses. This is why human work is being increasingly replaced with machines and this is the best option for the manufacturers.

Industrial automation brings benefits such as improved quality and easier quality control. It is easy to maintain a proper rate while manufacturing a single item but the mass production delivers a wide spread of values, which is unacceptable by the manufacturer. Therefore, industrial automation minimises the risk of errors. Additionally, an entrepreneur can add a measurement stage to the production process to be able to automatically and precisely control the product quality.

An industrial automation system itself requires a considerable investment but it generates savings for the company from the very beginning of its implementation. Industrial automation enables reduction of jobs and continuous production process which increases the profits of the enterprise. Therefore, despite the high costs of the system itself, industrial automation brings significant financial benefits to the company in a long-term perspective.

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