P machine tightness tester

Precision pipes tightness inspection stand.

The inspection with the use of the devices of tightness inspection leader - ATEQ tester.

The stand may control additional pipes equipment, as well as read or print the bar codes labels and DataMatrix labels.



Laser marking is the most efficient method for product marking. We offer free-standing marking machines as well as machines that are integrated with handling systems. We integrate marking machines of all renown brands. During integration processes we pay special attention to safety issues .


An X-ray control station for steering knuckle casting. The station controls the quality and shape of the casting. Correctly casted detail is marked and unloaded into the transportation container.

Armrests inspection device

The stand is used for the purposes of inspection of quality of armrests in respect of correctness of: material, colour, angle and time of flaps being open.

We also check the depth and the force of pressure exerted on the button necessary to open the flaps.

A part conforming to the model gets a label with a QR code.



Assembly stand with a drill-driver of S.C. type

The stand is used for the purposes of screwing in of elements with an electrical screwdriver with adequate torque.

Setting of torques and measurement control takes place by the use of the screwdriver controller integrated with the device.

The device uses Pick-to-Light system, which signals with adequate diodes the order and correctness of component collection.