Bulk granule dispenser system. Dosing position driven by Siemens servo motors in three axes. The volume of dispenser's filling chute controlled by the weighing system. Flux fed by a vibrating feeder.

dozowik topnika

Intended use of device

The stand is used for precise dosing and placing the flux in the appropriate place of the foundry mould.  It allows to store the right stock of substances in the box.


Functional description

The machine is built on a foundry line. After stopping the transporter of foundry moulds, the dosing tube is inserted into the chamber. The previously prepared quantity of the substance is discharged. At the same time, the next batch is already weighed into the intermediate tank to achieve the expected cycle time. The industrial vacuum cleaner extracts dust during substance discharge. After withdrawing the tube from the chamber, the machine sends a signal allowing the transport of foundry moulds.

Construction of device

Discharge box


A steel box suitable for unloading substances from big-bag type containers is equipped with an access platform for the operator and a cover preventing penetration of dirt to the substances being dosed;


Weighing modules


The substance is transported using linear vibrating feeders to containers placed on strain gauge beams. The containers are opened with pneumatic cylinders.


Dosing modules


The dosing modules are two 3-axis Cartesian robots on which telescopic dosing tubes are placed. The robots allow for accurate setting of the substance discharge point, and telescopic tubes allow for precise directing of the substance into chambers with simultaneous extraction of dusts generated during discharge.


Operator panel


The controls elements and 7" display allow for selecting the right reference, previewing the process and controlling the individual machine movements. The control system also allows for archiving data.




The welded steel structure is suitable for assembling all modules and electrical and pneumatic fittings. The work platforms and ladders on the structure allow easy machine operation and maintenance.


Advantages for Customer / User

  • Precise dosing of the substance achieved by the use of accurate strain gauge load cells and properly selected vibrating feeders;
  • The elimination of errors caused by human factor during machine set-up, by the use of 3-axis controlled robots;
  • Cleanliness and elimination of air pollutants. The material is discharged precisely into the chamber without spillage next to it, and a special extraction channel removes the dust directly from the discharge point;
  • Achieving the expected cycle time by using weighing and intermediate tanks. Such a solution gives the opportunity to prepare portions in hidden time;
  • Data analysis by archiving in machine memory, with the ability to download medium or upload to the server.