A washer designed to rinse out contaminants 
remaining after production from fuel tanks. Contaminants are deposited on a special filter paper 
which is later tested for the amount of deposited contaminants.

The car armrest assembly stand

Two electrical presses ensure the maximum quality of connecting process.

The operators have total discretion as regards the choice of the presses work programme.

The levels of connecting, force, speed, relaxations etc. may be set.

The automatic upseting press for the production of gasoline pipes

The machine is equipped with an automatic pipe feeder, automatic unwinder, upsetting module, upsetting parameters monitoring vision sensor and a pipe cutting guillotine.

An operator sets the length of the pipe, as well as the place, amount and type of upset.

External encoder ensures the precise measurement of the length of a pipe and the distances between the upsets.

Robotised gasket assembly and inspection stand

A stand for the automatic assembly of two types of gaskets. The gaskets are attached to the starter casing, which moves on a small pallet on a belt conveyor.

Each of the gaskets has its own vibratory feeder and belt feeder transporting it to the collection seat.

The collection seats are equipped with colour sensors that check the correctness of gasket type.


Production facility for various types of polyol. The facility is capable of delivering the final mixture consisting of 17 constituents. It is equipped with two weighing systems.


Automatic machine with manual loading. Designed for automatic assembly of connectors. The machine is equipped with a rotary table, vibrating feeder for O-rings and vision control system.

An elevator for unloadingof pallettes stacked on a truck

The elevator for the automatic unloading of pallets weighing up to 100 kg.

The device unloads the pallets with casting cores and transports them to the production line. Empty pallets are collected from the production line and placed on the transport truck again.

The pallets are stacked on the transport truck so that their total height is 2 meters at 9 levels.



Bulk granule dispenser system. Dosing position driven by Siemens servo motors in three axes. The volume of dispenser's filling chute controlled by the weighing system. Flux fed by a vibrating feeder.


Hand-held treatment station for layered electrically heated fuel tubes. The station consists of a heating module with PID temperature control, insulation stripping module and wire end cutting module. The heart of the station is a specialised Coax Strip stripping machine.

P machine tightness tester

Precision pipes tightness inspection stand.

The inspection with the use of the devices of tightness inspection leader - ATEQ tester.

The stand may control additional pipes equipment, as well as read or print the bar codes labels and DataMatrix labels.