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CE Certification

We are experts in the field of CE markings.

As part of our services, we:

  • Adapt machines to the minimum requirements according to the Tool Directive 2009/104/EC;
  • Carry out the procedure to assess the conformity of machines to the basic requirements of Machine Directive 2006/42/EC;
  • Carry out the machine risk analysis according to standard PN EN ISO 12100;
  • Assess the safety of machines; this involves checking whether the protections used are correct and checking the documentation to assess the risk of using the machines during their operation; we also assess the conformity of a machine to the harmonised standards;<
  • Certify any machine, new or retrofitted;
  • Carry out CE certification of machines imported from outside the EU;
  • Prepare documentation required for machines;
  • Issue certificate of conformity as a basis for the machine manufacturer to issue the Declaration of Conformity.

Depending on the mandatory safety requirements, machines are divided into the old and the new.

Old Machines

Marketed in the EU before 01/05/2004. Do not require the CE mark to be used but should be adapted to the minimum safety requirements according to the mandatory tool directive 2009/104/EC. Their users are responsible for the safety assessment and machine risk analysis.

New Machines

Manufactured or marketed after 01/05/2004. They should be provided with the CE mark and fulfil basic machine safety requirements according to machine directive 2006/42/EC. Machine manufacturers are responsible for the machine risk analysis and the assessment of conformity of the machines to the directive.

If you are looking for a provider of the following services:

  • machine risk analysis;
  • CE certification;
  • machine safety assessment;
  • machine risk assessment;
  • machine conformity assessment;
  • basic machine requirements;

Feel free to contact our company, Teknomatik, Bielsko-Biała. We guarantee a professional delivery of a service and an individual approach to every client. We deliver CE certification services in the entire Silesia and other regions.

A product must have a CE mark before it is launched on the European market. According to the EU directives, every manufacturer is obliged to carry out the machine risk assessment.
The machine safety assessment makes it possible to obtain the CE mark. Thereby, the entrepreneur is responsible for irregularities and problems related to safety during the use of product.

Ocena bezpieczeństwa maszyn daje możliwość uzyskania znaku CE. Tym sposobem przedsiębiorca ponosi odpowiedzialność za nieprawidłowości i problemy mające powiązanie z bezpieczeństwem podczas użytkowania towaru.

CE Marking

The manufacturer who provides its products with the CE marking must be sure that they meet the basic requirements set by the EU directives for machines. In addition, the product should have an identification number, type and year of production. It is essential for the manufacturer to know when it is required to use the CE marking.

What is the CE marking?

The CE marking becomes a must-have for machines and devices. The machine risk analysis should be completed before the product is marketed. In other words, the machine must fulfil the requirements of new approach directives and undergo machine conformity assessment procedures. The member states have no right to impose restrictions on the marketing of products which bear the CE mark.

What does not the CE marking mean?

CE is not a trademark. A trademark makes it possible to distinguish products from other products available in the market. It is about a catch-phrase, a graphic, a name. The trademark can be covered by a protection right. The authorised party may then place the ® symbol next to the mark to indicate that the mark has been registered.

Can a product have more than just one CE mark?

Yes, a product can have more than just one CE mark but it applies only to particular single cases. If you have a complicated device which consists of advanced units, each of them can have individual CE marking. In such case, the mark is displayed in a visible spot on a special plate and refers to the whole machine.

When is it necessary to provide the CE marking?

The CE marking is a “pass” that a product needs to appear on the European market which covers 30 member states and includes more than 500 million consumers. The manufacturer who does not have this marking is not authorised to market and sell specific goods.

You are welcome to use our products and services. Teknomatik, Bielsko-Biała, delivers its services mainly in the area of Silesia but we are available over the country as well.

Do you have doubts? Do you need a customized solution? Contact our expert now!