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Belt Conveyors

These are devices designed to transport materials used in production lines or warehouse facilities. Feeders play an important role in the transport of e.g. electronic products, household appliances and audio and video devices, or in the food industry. They can be used as standalone devices or as parts of industrial process lines.


  • Transport of materials on production lines;
  • Standalone operation.

Types – Kinds of Belt Conveyors

A conveyor can be:

  • Stationary – anchored to the floor;
  • Mobile – based on wheels;
  • Depending on the material being transported (mainly for bulk cargo), we install additional side guide rails to prevent the material from sliding off;
  • In the food industry, we use conveyors made of stainless steel –
    acid-proof steel and the transport belts have the PZH (English: National Institute of Hygiene) certification.

Characteristic Features

Machine Design

The most important element of a conveyor is the belt which can be made of natural and synthetic rubber, PVC or silicone. The ends of a transporter are equipped with rollers with the following diameters: 89, 108 or 133.

The belt is driven by a gear motor and the speed can be controlled by means of an inverter. The gear motor can be installed directly to a drive roller or the drive power can be transferred by means of a belt or chain transmission system. At the client’s request, we install a drum motor drive.

When materials are transported at an angle, we often use buckets to prevent the material from falling backwards.

The support structure of a standard belt conveyor is made of powder-painted aluminium or structural steel.

Belt Conveyor

Possible Options:

  • Stationary version;
  • Mobile version;
  • Certified version for food transport.
Parametr Wartość
Szerokość taśmy 100 – 1500 mm
Długość przenośnika 500÷20000 mm
Wysokość przenośnika 400÷2000 mm
Dopuszczalne obciążenie do ok. 30 kg/m2
Temperatura pracy 10÷80°C
Średnica wałków przewijających taśmę 45÷133 mm
Typ silnika 400V; 230V

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