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Barrel Mixers

Barrel mixers are a perfect solution for products where liquids must be mixed before use to obtain a homogeneous consistency, especially in case of liquids which tend to get divided into layers.


  • The mixers are intended for 200 l containers with a DN150 or larger hole;
  • Used for mixing, homogenising and solving.


  • Stirrer made of 316L grade stainless steel, certified for contact with food;
  • It has handles for being manually grabbed and handled;
  • Mixers with an electric motor can be equipped with an inverter speed infinitely variable control.

Machine Design

Stirrer Drive

The standard specification includes an electric motor compatible with a angle (worm) transmission. The motor specifications, i.e. the torque, power and rotational speed, are adjusted on an individual basis, depending on the kind of liquids used.

Body (Structure)

Made of St3 steel, powder painted. Versions made of stainless steel, acid-proof steel are available. The stirrer body is equipped with handles to enable the stirrer to be manually pulled out from the barrel.

Electric Control

It enables the equipment to operate safely. Made in conformity to the current standards. Upon the client’s request, we can develop a mixer with an infinitely variable inverter-based rotation control.

Turbine Dual Stirrer

The stirrer blades are situated at the end and roughly in the middle of the mixer shaft. The stirrer is made of the 316L acid-proof steel.

Mixer models

MBEO-1 000

Available options charged separately:

Stainless steel mounting
Non-standard agitator models

Parameter Value
Maximum viscosity of agitated liquid 1000 mPas
Agitator drive Electric motor 230 or 400V
Motor power 0,7kW
Nominal agitator speed 1000 rpm
Agitator impeller Double, turbine

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