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Jasienica 829
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Assembly Stations

We offer an assembly station customised for a specific industrial process. Wide industrial applicability, from the packaging process through vision control to manual or semi-automatic assembly.


  • Unloading of liquids from pallet containers;
  • Storage in proper conditions;
  • Transfer to production machines, batching.


  • Auxiliary process instruments and tooling units are available as required. Tool holders and power tool balancers are commonly used;
  • The workstations can be equipped with customised machines and instruments as required, for example; presses, testers
  • The assembly process can be supervised and controlled by a PLC controller while messages are displayed on the operator’s panel.

Principle of Operation

We offer assembly stations designed according to the principles of ergonomics. It has an immense effect on the operations. Proper arrangement of used tools and materials make it possible to maximise the productivity.

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