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Opening hours:
7:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday
Closed Saturday to Sunday.
Jasienica 829
43-385 Jasienica

About Us

The primary task of Teknomatik is to solve technical and process-related problems which our clients cope with. Based on our rich experience and knowledge, we design our machines and automation systems for the industry. We build machines and equipment customised to meet the client’s needs. With our highly qualified staff, we ensure high quality and optimised costs of our services. Since we permanently collaborate with other companies, our products and services are customised to meet your unique needs. We provide our clients with reliable, fast and complex services.

We offer in-house transport systems and complete production lines. Transporters and assembly stations are basic units of equipment in most industrial process lines.


  • Design and construction of machines and equipment
  • Design and production of IBC mixers;
  • Industrial automation;
  • CE Certification:
  • Assembly stations;
  • Conveyors/Transporters;
  • Deoilers;
  • IBC inclined ramps;
  • Liquid discharge and storage stations.

In our company we employ:

  • Mechanical engineer;
  • Automation engineer;
  • Machine and equipment installer;
  • Turner/Miller;
  • Welder.

We presently have 26 permanent employees.

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